Monday, November 23, 2009

Rearrange Furniture

We've lived in the same house since 1979. My sons call it the Old Homestead because it's the house in which they were raised.

There is something uniquely different about our house: once something enters its space, it becomes a permanent captive and never leaves again. I married one and raised a family of packrats. My oldest two sons moved out years ago, yet their closets are exactly the same as when they lived here. I was told to keep everything as is.

One of the most "lived in" rooms in my house is the family room. At this moment it looks like a tornado followed by a hurricane hit it. It needs reorganizing and stuff has to GO. There are stacks of clutter everywhere. In the midst are my dogs' toys, blankets, pillows, etc., which they insist on dragging into their favorite room.

I think it would be easier to move to a different house than it is to rearrange 8 pieces of furniture. I know just how I want the room. I've visualized it for over three months. It's too bad I can't interest anyone else in my vision.

It's frustrating to be disabled. It's doubly frustrating to NOT be able to do things by myself that I used to do. If I was still capable, the family room would have been done last August.

I have not given up hope...yet my hope is growing dim. I'll let you know if my vision becomes a reality!


  1. Barbara, boy can I relate to that. We live in the house Bruce and his first wife moved into around 1979, 4 bedroom ranch. Moving is so overwhelming, I guess we will stay here.

  2. Ahem. Really. I'll be down later, try TELLING me what you want and it will happen.

  3. Barb
    Well, the eng major in you worked! If the book is as well written as your review, i should love it. Thanks, always looking for a new book & author. also, thanks for the tip re reading them in order. i hate it when i have to play 'catch up'.