Thursday, January 21, 2010

A letter to Slade Debolt

Dear Slade Debolt
From the book Shameless
By Gayle Eden

Dear Slade,

I find you to be about the most perfect man I've ever read about. You are extremely handsome, you have a body that makes all women swoon in your wake, and yet it is your personality that is so completely endearing.

Your humility, loyalty, courage, patience, kindness, generosity, understanding, and tender loving nature are unparalleled. That you like animals a lot and have a good sense of humor only serve to make you more perfect. Your intense devotion to your nephew, and your deep ongoing love of your deceased father and brother and your tender love of Casey further make me adore you.

I know you used to be a rodeo bull rider and now you're a horse trainer. Bull riding seems counterintuitive because of your gentle nature. Training horses seems like the perfect fit. I am certain that once you marry Casey and have your personal life settled, your business will grow incredibly fast.

I am a huge fan of yours and wish you and Casey every happiness that you both so richly deserve.

Your fan,

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