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Mastering the Marquess

BLOG: Mastering the Marquess

Title: Mastering the Marquess
Author: Vanessa Kelly
Genre: Regency romance
My rating (Max 10): 9.5

Ms Kelly has written a wonderfull debut novel, Mastering the Marquess.
It is a Regency period romance which demonstrates her talent as an author as well as her skill at research into the societal workings and mores of the ton and the machinations required to enter a young woman into a Season and secure her debut into polite society. The characterizations are rich, the narrative is quick-paced, interesting, and arresting.

Meredith Burnley and her half-sister Annabel have been orphans for about three years. Meredith has cared for her sister for years, since their mother died. Annabel has been sick and their uncle and cousin, villains both, threaten to put her in an asylum.

To avoid such a fate for her sister, intensely devoted Meredith steals her sister away to Annabel's estranged grandparents in London. It is there, at Stanton House, that Meredith and our hero, Stephen, Marquess of Silverton meet. For them both, it is love at first sight, but the difference in their social status, Stephen's mother, and the villainous Uncle Isaac and cousin Jacob and their machinations keep Meredith and Stephen apart.

There are two romances in this book, the main one is Meredith and Stephen's, and secondarily is Stephen's cousin Robert and Annabel's. Robert and Annabel are immediately drawn to each other and fall in love. Their romance is on course from the beginning.

There are two other characters, Stephen's best friend, Simon, Earl of Trask and Stephen's cousin Sophia who are too wonderful to be left behind in this book. I'm hoping that Ms. Kelly has their story in a follow-up book.

The narrative has heroes, damsels in distress, villains, and a Cinderella-type ending. Though she seems to pack a lot into the book, Ms Kelly has written it so well that all component parts are seamlessly woven together to create an engrossing, pleasing story.

I strongly recommend this book to all Regency Romance fans as well as romance novel junkies like me who appreciate a strong cast of secondary characters, a feisty heroine, a marvelous hero, and a love story to sigh over.

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