Saturday, January 16, 2010


Title: Shameless
Author: Gayle Eden
Genre: Sensual romance
My rating (Max 10): 9.7

What can I say? I love this book. It is a small book, and I've read it at least four times. I love the hero and heroine and their love story is sweet and straightforward. It's nice to read a story about two people who meet, fall in love and decide to marry without complications.

Casey Roark returned to her home town after a ten year absence. In the time she was gone, she transformed herself from the ugly, overweight girl who had perpetual bad hair and always looked awful to a cute, thin, attractive woman. But she couldn't change the fact that she was painfully shy.

On her first night back, welcoming her to town was a billboard advertising her old high school nemisis for the office of mayor. Casey became so angry, she stopped into the dance hall, picked up a cowboy and had him relieve her of what she considered her last burden: her virginity.

It turns out, she picked up the town's perfect hunk, Slade Debolt who was drop-dead gorgeous both in face and body. As it turned out, Slade didn't do the one-night-stand thing any more than Casey did. But, for some reason, he did with Casey just that time. He treated her well and after the deed was done, as they had agreed, they parted company without knowing each other's names.

Anonymity didn't last long. Slade came into town every Saturday for supplies and caused such an uproar with the female population oogling him, Casey found out who her paramour was almost immediately. Slade was curious about the mysterious redhead and since they lived in a small town, he easily found out who she was.

Slade shadowed Casey for eight months, "bumping" into her, flirting with her, and finding out about her, but she ran away from him at his every attempt to engage in conversation. Finally, the rodeo came to town and gave Slade, a horse trainer who had horae stock in the competitions, the perfect opportunity to coral Casey into going to the event with him. One thing led to another and the imperfect Casey who wanted to be loved for the woman she was, fell in love with Slade who wanted someone to love him for the man that was underneath the perfect packaging.

The language is graphic. If you're sensitive to cursing and detailed descriptions of intimacy, don't read this. However, if you're looking for a romance between two really nice people, this is your book. It's a quick read, but thoroughly enjoyable. I graded it down only because the editing was poor.

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